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So.. where is everybody?

Sam and I will be more caught up on a regular basis once the World Series is over this weekend. But until then, this is where we are at:

Veronica Mars = All but this past Tuesday's episode (ep 3.4)
Studio 60 = All but this past Monday's episode (ep. ??). No new episode this upcoming (10/03)
Lost = All but this past Wednesday's episode (ep 3.4)
Alias = I have no idea. Hey Don, where are we on that? Obviously we'll be watching more on Sunday, but I'm just curious.
The Office = All but yesterday's episode.
The Daily Show & The Colbert Report = We're about a week and a half behind.
Deadwood = We're up to ep 2.5 (via Netflix)
Gilmore Girls (not that anyone cares, but me) = I'm all caught up.

Heroes = We haven't watched at all. We'll probably check out season one when it makes it to DVD.

Am I forgetting anything?

Where the heck did we leave off on Six Feet Under? Part of me just wants to Netflix the rest of it. I'm anxious to see how it ended.

So... where is everyone else at?


I'm always a week behind on Dailys & Colberts. Since I don't need to actually see those programs to enjoy them (with the notable exception of "The Word"), I have TiVo copy them to my laptop as soon as they air, and then I bring them in to work for Mike & Eric & me to listen to as we work.

I'm caught up on all the current shows except for this week's eps of LOST and THE OFFICE. William still hasn't seen the season finale of LOST, and I believe the last ep Tish saw of Season 2 was #10. (I think they're both Netflixing it to catch up.)

On ALIAS, we finished up with Season 2. You may remember Vaughan's closing line of "You've been missing for almost two years," followed promptly by Tish's line of "Oh, that's such bullshit." *grin*

And yes, yes, please Netflix 6FU. At this point I have accepted that we will NEVER get together as a group to finish that off - at least not more than once every 12 months or so, it seems. I've already decided to Netflix it myself, eventually - it's just a matter of when I get around to it.
Also, funny story.

On Monday afternoon, I watched THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. It was the last DVD that Netflix had sent Tish from her Western riff, and I wanted to see it. Was, indeed, magnificent.

On Monday night, I watched Studio 60. Not only was it fantastic - best episode to date, I thought; I've really been enjoying it more and more with each new ep - but I thought the guest actor who played the old guy was fantastic! I won't talk about the character he played, but it really stole the show.

And then on Tuesday night, I popped the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN DVD into my laptop at work, so I could watch/listen to the "Making Of" documentary and commentary track. And so I was shocked when they showed a clip of Eli Wallach talking about the character he had played nearly 50 years ago (Calvera) - shocked because it was obvious in an instant that this was the same guy who had played the old guy on Studio 60 who had impressed me so much.

So on Monday, I saw Eli Wallach play two completely different characters at two completely different points in his career. Purely by chance. And hell, if I hadn't gone the extra step of watching the "Making Of", I never would have known it.

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